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  1. Statutory bodies abiding strictly by conflict of interest guidelines should be allowed to take part in the assessment process
  2. Blokhin said doctors were keeping a close watch on the chelsea striker , but wanted to avoid using particular medicines to abide strictly by anti - doping regulations
  3. The management of the company abide strictly by the iso9001 international quality management system , strictly execute international level arts and quality standard from milk source collection to every mini - step , has forty years ' experience of manufacturing milk ware , the manufacturer have been trained specially well , the stable quality of products has reliable safeguard
  4. This thesis mainly introduce a development process of mis of steel tube enterprise producing . a universal mis of adapting to our country middle and small producing enterprise is developed in accordance with the practical situations of our country producing enterprise . the structure and developing method of the mis are analyzed , followed by the introduction of the development process in stages . the system development abides strictly by the requirements of software engineering , with all the files standard and complete . during the process of the development , we took into consideration practicality as well as scientific principles . the system is development under a quick prototype method . first , the logic module of the system is established through the analysis of the business flow process and the information flow concerning productive enterprise of steel tube ; secondly , in light of the module , the system is set up including the design of the system ' s network platform , developing tools , database , system code , software modules , system security , user ' s interface and so on . finally , the prototype of the system is implemented on the basis of the design


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