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  • 购买能力
  • ability:    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl. ...
  • buy:    vt. 1.买,购 (opp. se ...
  • buy in:    补购; 补进:平仓、对冲或关闭一个空 ...


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  1. By 1929 , factories were pouring out more goods than consumers had the ability to buy
  2. This action gives you the ability to buy a midi song for your profile . the midi song will be played on the background while a member is viewing your profile
  3. This rating will be used to determine the ability to buy specific items , and also to determine eligibility for the end of season rewards
  4. At the same time , their actual happiness seems to be motivated less by their ability to buy more than by being able to keep up with those comparable resources in their own age group
  5. They do not invest enough in interconnections with other networks , since the ability to buy energy from and sell it to other firms would increase competition and reduce profits


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