ability to compete中文什么意思

发音:   用"ability to compete"造句
  • 竟争能力
  • 竞争能力
  • ability:    n. 能,能力,本领,技能;〔pl. ...
  • compete:    vi. 1.竞争 (with; in ...
  • compete for:    角逐,竞争; 为…竞争


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  1. This in turn would bid down their price levels and improve their ability to compete in international trade .
  2. As a result , it is time to locate our competitive advantage and strengthen the ability to compete
  3. Some retailers worry that new regulations will hurt their ability to compete in the marketplace
  4. Endurance is the ability to compete throughout the duration of the hunt and to go on as long as may be necessary
  5. Adopting advanced information techniques is the effective way of sharpening dealers ' ability to compete with the others in our country


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