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  • abstract:    adj. 1.抽象的 (opp. c ...
  • symbol:    n. 1.记号,符号。 2.象征,表 ...
  • abstracting:    编写摘要
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  1. Here color isn ' t natural color any more , but means abstract symbol color , with abundant cultural meaning
  2. This early site also contains the first indication of abstract symbols , or pictographs , scratched onto pottery
    这个遗址也首度显示,当时的人已会在陶器上草草写上抽象符号(即象形文字) 。
  3. Drawing for recording gradually developed into abstract symbols corresponded to syllables , which was the origin of chinese characters
  4. A kind of artistic faction in the brushwork of main consist in of contemporary west popularity - - abstract art , , the view breaks away from reality , will reflect pure inner world with abstract symbol
    现代西方流行的主要存在于绘画中的一种艺术派别? ?抽象艺术, ,主张脱离现实,用抽象符号来反映纯精神世界。


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