access manager中文什么意思

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  • 存取管理程序
  • access:    n. 1.接近;会面。 2.捷径,门 ...
  • manager:    n. 1.处理者;经理(人),管理人 ...
  • manager access:    管理者存取


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  1. For example , tivoli access manager can provide authentication and authorization support
    例如tivoli access manager可以提供身份验证和授权支持。 )
  2. To do user impersonation properly , it is best to have an sso system like tivoli access manager or netegrity siteminder
    要正确进行用户模拟,最好拥有一个像tivoli access manager或netegrity siteminder这样的sso系统。
  3. If you are using an external authentication system , such as the tivoli access manager , select local for now and adjust the configuration later
    如果正在使用外部认证系统,比如tivoli access manager ,那么现在要先选择local ,稍后再进行调整。
  4. However , the requirement will most likely not specify that the portal should use a credential vault versus another solution such as tivoli access manager
    然而,这些需求很可能没有指定门户应该使用凭据库,而不要使用另一个方案,如tivoli access manager 。
  5. Proper configuration of the trust relationships between websphere application server and tivoli access manager webseal is crucial to the creation of a secure configuration
    对websphere application server和tivoli access manager webseal之间的信任关系进行合理的配置是创建安全配置的关键所在。


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