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  1. As the pioneers of the main social educational body , the propagandists must grasp chances and find out accessible points , stride forwardly and steadily with creative attitudes , enhance the attraction and impression and persuasion of the propagations . on the other hand , the propagandists also have obligations to help adolescents shape their correct viewpoints of lives and values , endeavor t o subside the vice effects caused by networks to the minima in case that generations on web become generations without hearts ( means adolescents lacking correct viewpoints of lives and values and worlds ) . what the propagandists do are keys to chinese prosperities and the heritages of the traditional cultures in future
    作为社会教育主体先行者的思想宣传工作,务必抓住机遇,找准切入点,以创新的姿态开拓前进,以增强思想宣传工作的吸引力、感染力和说服力,帮助青少年树立正确的人生观和价值观,力争将网络给青少年一代可能带来的观念冲击和行为失范的副作用减小到最低,不能让“网上一代”成了“空心人” (即缺乏正确人生观、世界观和价值观的青少年) ,这是关系到中国未来富强、民族文化传承的大事。


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