accompanied by love中文什么意思

发音:   用"accompanied by love"造句
  • accompany:    vt. 1.陪,伴,陪着;陪衬,衬, ...
  • love:    n. 1.爱,热爱,爱戴。 give ...
  • accompanied by:    随附
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  1. I am consistently accompanied by love , so my story naturally come down to the mixture of various kinds of love , which can be described as follows : love from my family where i feel warm and secure ? like the port to the sailor ; love from my friends and teachers ? like the enchantment of fragrant wine ; love from girlfriend ? like the rainbows after the rainstorm
    我一直有爱伴随,因此我的故事自然归结为各种爱的混合,我是这样描述的:家庭的爱,温暖而安全? ?就像水手的避风港;师友的爱? ?仿佛浓郁的酒香那般迷人;女友的爱? ?恰似暴风雨过后的彩虹。


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