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  • 积雪


  1. Glacier derived from accumulated snow and characterized by movement and certain size to some extent , is one of the most sensitive indicators to climate
  2. Jilin province in the central part of northeast china has an area of 187 . 4 thousand square km . it is located at 4052 n - 4618 n and 12113 e - 13119 e in the middle latitudinal region of the northern hemisphere , with distinct change in seasons . the accumulated snow in winter can reach a depth of 40 - 50 cm in the mountain areas and about 20 cm on the plains
    吉林省位于中国东北地区的中部,面积18 . 74万平方公里,地处东经12113 - 13119北纬4052 - 4618之间,属北半球中纬地带,四季交替分明,特别是冬季积雪深厚,积雪厚度山地可达40 - 50厘米,平原一般为20厘米左右。
  3. The characteristics of precipitation anomalies in summer , previous and simultaneous ssta and preceding winter accumulated snow depth anomalies corresponding to positive and negative phases of 10 - yr mode and 25 - 30 - yr mode are discussed respectively . no matter for 10 - yr mode or for 25 - 30 - yr mode , reverse characteristics corresponding to positive phases and negative phases appear in the above fields . it proves that the decadal variation of sah have a good relation to the decadal variation of other key element of climate system and we can regard sah as a strong signal of the anomalies in the climate system
    ( 4 )夏季南亚高压东西振荡具有明显的年代际变化特征,本文分别讨论了对应于10年周期态的正位相年和负位相年及25 - 30年周期态的正位相年和负位相年时夏季我国降水距平、前期及同期海温距平及前冬青藏高原积雪距平的分布特征,发现无论是10年周期态还是25 - 30年周期态,对于夏季南亚高压东西振荡的正位相年和负位相年以上各要素场呈现为很好的反位相特征,说明夏季南亚高压的年代际变化与气候系统中其他要素的年代际变化具有很好的关联性,可将南亚高压看作气候系统中大气子系统异常的强信号,通过分析南亚高压的年代际异常可以更直接地研究和预测区域气候异常。


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