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  1. Acoustic timing machine
  2. Hydrocarbon showings is distinguished with the recognizing method of " acoustic time " , and ( half ) quantitative assessment criterion of the distinguishing parameter for hydrocarbon showing testing , which is used to evaluate hydrocarbon showing , gas testing , meantime analyses the character of gas zone distributing and effecting factor of testing production
  3. Based on the study of the test pressure data , the acoustic time and the reconstrction of paleoformation pressure , through the study of abnormal pressure in the middle and western sichuan basin , it ' s shown that the distribution of stratum pressure differs greatly in different zones ; the evolution history of paleo - formation pressure has been restored according to the models of the evolution history of pressure , and it shows that there were two high pressure arouse , the first arouse in later jurassic and the second in erlier triassic , analyzing the relations between the excessive pressure distribution and the petroleum migration


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