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  1. Detection of stress concentration in aerospace transparency by acoustoelasticity
  2. This article describes a way of special ultrasonic system which monitors thermal stress in seamless welded rails . this monitoring system is a non destructive testing system , which adopts avr mcu and high - precise time chip processing as the core of it , and adopts the critically refracted longitudinal wave as the object of measuring . my studying focuses on the theory of the monitoring system , which will be listed in this arctile : according to the snell theory , the theory of motivating of critically refracted longitudinal wave is described in details , and the finite element software is used to emulate the propagating course . the formulas of calculating the pts of swr are taken from the acoustoelasticity theory , and the calculating the parameters is introduced . according to assemble materials , three kinds of ways of monitoring the pts of swr using critically refracted longitudinal wave are described , which are measuring the sound - time in changeless distance , ultrasonic critical - angle refractomery and frequency spectrum , the first way of ways is used in this experiment system . the factors , which effect the monitoring system , are assaid in some degree based
  3. In view of the requirement of stress testing in the engineering practice , based on the achievement in ultrasonic ndt and visc , this dissertation investigates the detection of surface stress in several typical components using surface wave acoustoelasticity and its visual expression using visc technology . the nonfiguratived data experimentally or theoretically obtained are converted to visual and idiographic figures , which are easy to understand and analyse


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