act in accordance with the law中文什么意思

发音:   用"act in accordance with the law"造句
  • 遵从法令
  • act:    n. 1.行为;举动;动作。 2.决 ...
  • accordance:    n. 1.一致,协调。 2.给予。 ...
  • law:    int. 〔英俚〕天哪! 嗳呀!


  1. Police will act in accordance with the law against any unlawful activities
  2. However , i would like to reiterate that the government respects the rule of law and acts in accordance with the law
  3. The government will continue to respect the rule of law , act in accordance with the law and follow the decision of the court
    26 .政府将一如既往,尊重法治依法行事和遵守法庭的裁决。
  4. The spokesman added that afcd had been following up the situation with the authorities but it was not until yesterday ( january 24 ) that notification was received from the people s government of shenzhen municipality that " red fire ants " ( solenopsis invicta buren ) were found in some parts of guangdong . therefore , the shenzhen inspection and quarantine bureau had activated its emergency measures and acted in accordance with the law to quarantine the potted plants before they were allowed for export to hong kong


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