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  1. Therefore , the sage relies on actionless activity , carries on wordless teaching
  2. You are the actionless and formless mere witness of the three common states ? of waking , dreaming , and sleeping ? and of all the apparent contents and experiences associated with the three common states , of waking , and of dreaming , and of sleeping
    你是无作为及无形态的观照者,仅仅在观照这三个普通状态? ?醒,梦及深睡? ?及与这三个普通状态相关的所有看似的内容及体验。
  3. No matter what arises ? whether as or in the state of waking , or of dreaming , or of sleeping ? you are the actionless , and formless , and thought - free mere witness of attention itself , and of every apparent " object " of attention , and of any and every state of experience , and of the entirety of whatever and all that arises
    无论什么在生起? ?不管是在醒,梦或深睡的状态中? ?你是无作为,无形态,无思考的观照者;仅仅观照注意力本身,及所有注意中看似的“客体” ,所有及任何的体验,全体的所有及任何的生起。


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