active tuberculosis中文什么意思

发音:   用"active tuberculosis"造句
  • 活动性结核


  1. No persons suffering from dysentery , typhoid , viral hepatitis or other infectious diseases of the digestive tract ( including pathogen carriers ) , active tuberculosis , suppurative or exudative dermatosis or any other disease incompatible with food hygiene , may be engaged in any work involving contact with ready - to - eat foods
    凡患有痢疾、伤寒、病毒性肝炎等消化道传染病(包括病原携带者) ,活动性肺结核,化脓性或者渗出性皮肤病以及其他有碍食品卫生的疾病的,不得参加接触直接入口食品的工作。


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