actively adopt中文什么意思

发音:   用"actively adopt"造句
  • adopt:    vt. 1.采用,采纳;正式通过。 ...
  • actively:    活动地; 活跃地, 积极地; 积极地 ...
  • adopt it:    审定通过
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  1. Actively adopt international standards to boost technologic progress of enterprises
  2. As a famous american scholar studying the chinese history of science and technology , francesca bray actively adopted the perspective of gender in her chinese case studies
  3. In the past few years , government departments have been actively adopting various measures to reduce paper consumption and to reuse paper , therefore the quantity of waste paper generated is on a declining trend
  4. Today , many primary manufacturers of measuring equipment all over the world actively adopt dmis which was one standard of ansi , and ensure own inspect equipments to meet the need of modern manufacture
  5. According to the opinion of locke , the reason of goal - setting is that goals might lead personal attention , inspire personal energy and can increase the extent of personal efforts and is helpful for individual to actively adopt and develop new methods


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