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  • 自适应过程


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  1. This leads to another important aspect of adaptive processes : they need very close contact with business expertise
  2. Hypoxia - inducible factor ( hif ) is an oxygen - dependent transcription factor that activates a diverse set of target genes , the products of which are involved in adaptive processes to hypoxia
    低氧诱导因子( hif )是一种氧依赖性的转录因子,其为低氧适应性过程中的产物,可激活各种靶基因。
  3. The article combines the digital subsidence filtering and adaptive filtering and builds up different reference models to accomplish a adaptive process according to signals of different frequences
  4. Feedback is used in control , but it is just limited to adaptive process . adaptive inverse control dominates alterable parameters rather than signal flow in system not so as conventional control
  5. So we present two methods : the mod method by introducing mismatched control vector and the ssp algorithm by partitioning subspaces to reduce the dimensions of adaptive process


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