adaptive system theory中文什么意思

发音:   用"adaptive system theory"造句
  • 调适性系统理论
  • 自适应系统理论
  • adaptive:    adj. 适合的,适应的。
  • system:    n. 1.体系,系统;分类法;组织; ...
  • theory:    n. 1.理论,学理,原理。 2.学 ...


  1. Adaptive system theory
  2. Making use of these theories and methods the complexity of innovation system was analyzed , and it was proved that the innovation system is a complex adaptive system . consequently , it was necessary and feasible to study innovation system by using complex adaptive system theories
  3. Our country ' s study on complex science was early , but the upsurge came after 1997 . with the support of the national nature science fund complex special item - ( ( study of multiagent - based ensemble modeling and simulation method and it ' s application ) ) and college research item - - ( ( the study of military complex adaptive system theory , method and it ' s application ) ) , the author has studied the complex system ' s modeling and simulating method , optimizing technique and it ' s economic application in - depth . the main research contents and contributions of this paper are as fellows
    国内复杂性研究工作起步很早,但直到1997 ,才兴起复杂性研究的高潮,本文作者在国家自然科学基金项目复杂性研究专项? ? 《基于多智能体的整体建模仿真方法及其应用研究》和校预研项目? ? 《军事复杂适应系统理论、方法及应用研究》的支持下,对复杂系统的建模仿真方法,优化技术及其在经济系统中的应用进行了深入研究。
  4. Some scholars put forward the concept of manager cognizance that is a group of fixed rule system and believe that new rule system will replace old one and old rule system will be forgotten when the environment changes . the explanation affect the dynamic mechanism study on manager adaptability . the concept of “ adaptive main body ” in holland ’ s complex adaptive system theory accords with the understanding of enterprise in this paper
  5. 1 aim at the modeling difficult and problems on the study of complex adaptive system theory and it ' s application in economic system , based on the complex adaptive system theory , ensemble modeling idea and agent - orient simulation , the author suggest a multi - agent based ensemble modeling and simulation method , the author analyzed this method ' s structure carefully , gave a careful define and explain of this modeling and simulation step
    本文主要研究工作和创新点如下: 1 、针对复杂适应系统理论及其在经济系统研究中存在的建模困难、问题,以复杂适应系统理论、整体建模思想和面向agent的仿真为基础,提出一种基于多智能体的整体建模仿真方法。


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