additional advance中文什么意思

发音:   用"additional advance"造句
  • 追加垫款
  • additional:    adj. 附加的,追加的,另外的。 ...
  • advance:    vt. 1.进,推进;促进(生长), ...
  • advance a:    卷片方向


  1. It can also take additional advanced options in an
  2. Which is used to specify additional advanced publishing options
  3. In the next lesson , you will learn about how to modify additional advanced dimension attribute properties so that you can continue to improve the user - friendliness of the cube and its dimensions
  4. This module builds on those concepts , showing you how to extend this technology outside your company , using web services and additional advanced features to build a business - to - business automated procurement process
    此单元在这些概念的基础上,说明如何将这一技术扩展到公司之外,以及如何使用web services和其他高级功能生成企业对企业的自动采购过程。


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