additive product中文什么意思

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  • 加成产物


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  1. Railway rolling stock . additive product used in recirculation retention toilets
  2. To meet some of the industry ' s special requirements for heavy metals , heavy metals in food additives products control standards , domestic and foreign traders are welcome
  3. Since its inception the company has always insisted production , study and research combining the concept of development , after years of effort , has been formed to develop and produce a variety of petrochemical additives products
  4. Apart from producing the original feed grade single microelement such as cu , fe , zn , mn , mg , i , se , co and etc . our company now put out the newest feed additives products which are garlic oil , garlicin , flavouring , sweet taste , antioxygen , skin - red baby and etc
  5. At present , the company has 3 original germany full - automatic brick making product lines , 3 domestic concrete additives product lines , special facilities for waterproofing materials and paints as well as the product line of special pulverized ash froth concrete light wall plates etc . as a manufacturer of new building materials , our company is featured of strong mechanization , high technical content , efficiently using waste and saving energy


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