address assignment中文什么意思

发音:   用"address assignment"造句
  • 地址分配


  1. L2tp is used for tunneling , address assignment , and authentication
  2. The association of internet appoints one ' s own volunteer that specially invites to make up " the organizing committee " , confirm such as resource management , address assignment and make the principle that work more such of the standard agreement
    因特网协会任命特邀的自身志愿者组成“组织委员会” ,确定如资源管理、地址分配和制定标准协议这样一些工作的原则。
  3. Chapter 4 shows the design of the system interface , the real - time , vivid simulation using opengl , and the design and implementation of the database . in chap . 5 , we introduce the physical links between plcs and the monitoring computer , define the communication protocol , give the address assignment of the plc registers , and develop the communication modules using visual c + +
    第四章详细阐述了系统的界面设计与操作说明,给出了在vc + +中用mfc进行opengl编程的方法并结合项目的实际情况完成了一个可视化的、逼真的场景仿真,以及通过对几种vc + +数据库开发技术的比较设计与plc _仁位机监控系统的研究,设计及应用实现了系统的数据库模块。


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