address map中文什么意思

发音:   用"address map"造句
  • 地址变换
  • 地址映射
  • address:    n. 1.(信上的)称呼,姓名;地址 ...
  • map:    n. 1.地图;天体图;图。 2.〔 ...
  • map address:    变换地址


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  1. Open address maps instead assume that there is likely to be a nearby free index in the table
  2. The address mapping scheme can reduce half of the bandwidth demand of chroma data , and map the memory requests to 4 banks equably
  3. Known well vxibus criterion , the structure of configure register and vxi address mapped theory . known well the structure and work theory of high speed synchro data acquisition device
    熟悉vxi寄存器基器件的配置寄存器结构, vxi地址空间映射原理;熟悉高速同步采集卡的总体结构和工作原理。
  4. When the selection of the routine is based instead on more complex logic , such as the state of the resolution of an l3 - to - l2 address mapping , the routine used at any time depends on external events that cannot be predicted
    当常式的选择被替代在比较复杂的逻辑,像是决定l3 -到- l2地址映射状态的时候,在随时被用的常式依靠外部事件,那是不可预测的。
  5. The paper alse researches on gui . modifying and configureing gui system minigui , adding the input engine for minigui which is a keyboard whose drive is finished base on analyse address map of armlinux


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