发音:   用"adherency"造句
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  1. " the establishment gram kj medicinal preparation " series medicine containstakes orally with the external use two kind of drugs , takes orally the drugs , " the establishment gram kj medicinal preparation " series medicinecan effectively stimulate the nerve and the ganglion which infects , causes the virus to separate from the nervous system , is returning along the nervous system to the spot which infects at first , the effect ingredient adherency which the medicine has on the viral body , the penetration virus s cell wall kills the virus , the external use drugs establishes the gram kj medicinal preparation for us , it may pass the skin absorption , is thorough hypodermic , goes directly to the skin base first floor , with dermis , but the viruswhich ? medicinal preparation " series medicine is discharged by " the establishment gram kj mainly gathers at this spot


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