adjective law中文什么意思

发音:   用"adjective law"造句
【法律】附属法,程序法 (opp. substantive law)。
  • adjective:    n. 【语法】形容词。 adj. 1 ...
  • law:    int. 〔英俚〕天哪! 嗳呀!
  • absolute adjective:    独立形容词〔略去后续的名词,如: t ...
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  1. Reflection cn the adjective law of administraticn of our country
  2. The system with the features of adjective law and substantive law is a new system that bank can use to safeguard debt effectively , and which bank must understand and master . therefore , it is the needs of the times that the system is established and improved in china financial law or banking law according to the successful foreign legislative experience
  3. In china , under the influence of legal tradition and continental legal system , the evidence system pays more attention to substantive law rather than adjective law . in addition to the unscientific setting of the testimony standard , this evidence system influence the effect and quality of our country " s criminal trial
  4. 1 adjective law is regarding as the main content of bankruptcy reorganization institution , the core of bankruptcy reorganization institution is the bankruptcy reorganization procedure formed from a series of procedural rules . the bankruptcy reorganization procedure has the characters of loose conditions , specifically objects , diversiform participants , diversiform measures and procedural priority
  5. Jurisdiction corresponding to legislation and administrtion , refers to the special activities previlleged to special units with judicial powers endowed by law and as mediators to make the final and impartial arbitration on disputes and contradictions of the involved clients according to adjective law and substansive law


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