administrative court中文什么意思

发音:   用"administrative court"造句
行政法庭, 行政法院
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  1. Research on the establishment of administrative court system in our country
  2. Inspection of administrative court of civil - law family countries and enlightenment from it
  3. The couple was backed by the county administrative court in goteborg , which ruled on march 13 that there was no reason to block the name
  4. As regards appeals to the supreme administrative court , the provisions of articles 35 to 37 of the act on administrative proceedings act 1971 : 291 shall apply
    提出上诉。关于最高行政法之申请可以适用行政程序法act on administrative proceedings act 1971
  5. Subordinate jy organs include the supreme court , high courts , district courts , the administrative court , and the committee on the discipline of public functionaries


An administrative court is a court specializing in administrative law, particularly disputes concerning the exercise of public power. Their role is to ascertain that official acts are consistent with the law. Such courts are found in some European countries with civil law and are considered separate from general courts.


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