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  • 航空航天计划
  • aerospace:    n. 大气圈及其以外的宇宙空间。 a ...
  • project:    vt. 1.投掷,抛出;发射(炮弹等 ...
  • it project:    信息科技计划


  1. Our team , comprising 2 , 000 of the france best brains , has for years played a key role in the development of major french and european aerospace projects
  2. From mar . 1992 to aug 1996 , much fail occurs in the development of important aerospace projects , it reflects that the management problems in the scientific research and manufacture is very outstanding
  3. Advanced orbiting system ( aos ) is the product of the standardization of space data system and the combination of tt & c and communication . aos protocol brings the field of the space c & t tremendous changes . our aerospace projects should implement the aos protocol to join the world aerospace club
    高级在轨系统( aos )协议是空间数据系统标准化和测控与通信相结合的产物,该协议的出现给空间测控通信领域带来极大变革,我国航天事业要与世界接轨必须逐步实施aos协议。
  4. Chapter 3 particularly discusses the conception , theory and the method of the " standardization seriation and modularization " . chapter 4 introduces the technology of realizing the system of managing information of aerospace equipment , taking the management of aerospace product of aerospace project


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