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  • aesthete:    n. 1.审美家。 2. 唯美主义者 ...


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  1. Numerous artists , aesthetes , artists and writers are trying to embody this idea in their works
  2. Behind every footballing tough guy there lurks a mincing aesthete with a love of art for art ? sake , football for football ? sake
  3. A perfectly symmetrical , four - storey building dating from 1703 , it has had many admirers , with a long list of aesthetes and architectural historians coveting it
    这座花园始建于1575年,曾于1975年被修复。由于花园的原貌已完全消失,它又被称为“失落之园” 。
  4. In the early days , braose miyaco , the second principal of braose family has manifested that he is an aesthete with great interest in sculpture , drawing and architecture
  5. Result : grumbles from the aesthetes , who complain that a group of players costing ? 151m should be putting their gifts to more appealing use , but three more points every time
    结果是:唯美主义者抱怨说,一队价值1 . 51亿英镑的球员应该把他们的天分用到一些更吸引人的地方去,而不是每次只求拿到三分。


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