agricultural loan中文什么意思

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  • 农业贷款


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  1. Do well small agricultural loans and the construction of villages and towns , promote the all - round development of economy of villages
  2. No unit shall intercept or misappropriate the funds for agriculture allocated by people ' s governments at various levels or agricultural loans by banks
  3. Chapter three and chapter four analyzed the size and distribution of the world bank agricultural loan projects in china and the factors affected the change
  4. By june 2005 , the agricultural loans of rccs amounted to 1 . 0299 trillion yuan , which accounting for 87 . 5 % of whole agricultural loans of financial institutions in china
    2005年6月末,农村信用社农业贷款余额达10299亿元,占全国金融机构农业贷款的87 . 5 % 。
  5. Loans from chinese banks in clude circulating capital loans , fixed assets loans , loans to urban and rural in dividuals engaged in industrial and commercial business and agricultural loans


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