airspace capacity中文什么意思

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  • 空域处理能力


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  1. Ensuring flight safety , airspace capacity enhancement and operational efficiency of aircraft through highly efficient air traffic management
  2. And then , a set of software of airspace evaluation is introduced . the factors that affect airspace capacity are also discussed , hi the end , the further research work of airspace evaluation is pointed out
  3. The surveillance capability of the hong kong air traffic control system is further enhanced with the commissioning of a new route surveillance radar ( rsr ) at mount parker , quarry bay . this helps maximise airspace capacity and ensure flight safety
  4. Abstract : considering the restriction of multiple airport and airspace capacity , multiple unit ground holding strategy problem with deterministic capacity is studied , including the mathematical model and a new algorithm based on heuristic method and artificial intelligence
  5. To enhance safety , operational efficiency as well as airport and airspace capacity in pearl river delta area to meet the future traffic demand , a tripartite working group has been established to identify a long term airspace and air traffic management plan which will satisfy the estimated traffic requirement in 2020


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