alloy iron中文什么意思

发音:   用"alloy iron"造句
  • 合金铸铁, 合金铁
  • 铁合金
  • alloy:    n. 1.合金。 2.(合金中的)劣 ...
  • iron:    n. 1.铁。 2.铁器,铁制品;小 ...
  • iron alloy:    铁合金; 铁基合金


  1. Alloy iron valves are furnished with tfe braided packing and synthetic fibre gaskets
  2. Alloy iron roll
  3. The effect of heat treatment on structure and hardness of high alloy iron - based hardfacing layer metal was studied and the result obtained is of guiding significance for it ' s application
  4. This company produces the knitting center parts uses the material of completely high quality guards against rust the cast alloy iron , adopts the tertiary aging treatment of metal way , namely except hot aging treatment of metal , outside nature aging treatment of metal , each product in processing process , also must pass through the physical vibration aging treatment of metal process , guarantees each product the residual stress finally to obtain the elimination and the equalization


  1. cast iron containing alloying elements (usually nickel or chromium or copper or molybdenum) to increase the strength or facilitate heat treatment
    同义词:alloy cast iron


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