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  1. Alongshore bars are produced at the point of wave break .
  2. There is a serious sediment deposition in the wharf apron of an alongshore pile wharf
  3. At the same time of trend monitoring , we strengthened output monitoring of the main rivers , sewages alongshore , oceanic functional zones and algae bloom inshore , made an integrative analysis and assessed the present quality state of fujian ' s ocean and finally compiled < report on the state of the marine environment in fujian , p . r . c in 2003 >
    在开展趋势性监测的同时,加强了主要江河排污、近岸排污口、近岸海洋功能区和赤潮灾害的监测,综合分析和评价了海洋环境质量状况,编制了《 2003年福建省海洋环境质量公报》 ,现予以发布。
  4. Many research such as clay minerals , suspend in the sea , the grain size trend analysis of surface sediment , poc 6 cu and 8 c13 in bottom sediments etc . showed that : the yellow sea warm current divided the south yellow sea into two , the terrestrial material of modern sediment on the west shelf plain mainly came from the modem yellow river suspend carried by the alongshore current , and the sediment difference between the west and east side of yellow sea trough was represented by the sedimentation thickness in postglacial period , sedimentation stratum , and oxygen isotope record
    粘土矿物、碳酸盐、粗碎屑、海域悬浮体、表层沉积物粒度趋势分析、 poc c ~ ( 13 )及底质沉积物的c ~ ( 13 )等多方面研究表明:以黄海暖流为主导,南黄海堆积陆架平原西侧现代沉积物陆源物质主要源于黄海沿岸流携带的现代黄河悬移物质,黄海槽东西两侧的沉积差异主要表现在冰消期以来沉积厚度、沉积层序、氧同位素记录上。
  5. Assemblage ) represented the coastal shallow - water environment ; factor 2 ( protelphidium tuberculatum assemblage ) represented the alongshore cold - water current area or cold shallow sea environment ; factor 3 ( elphidium magellanicum assemblage ) represented the sh allow sea ( < 20 - 30m depth ) deposit ; factor 4 ( ammonia ketienziensis assemblage ) represented the shallow - sea water more than 50m depth ; and factor 5 ( buccella frigida assemblage ) represented the colder - water sea environment ; and the distribution of factor load accorded with the character of benthic foraminifer community
    Q型因子分析揭示ey02 - 2孔5种有孔虫组合,分别对应滨岸盐沼环境、黄海沿岸流冷水分布区、高潮坪浅海沉积环境、水深大于50m的现代浅海环境及较冷的沉积环境。因子载荷的分布与有孔虫群落特征吻合较好。南黄海有孔虫含量? ?水深转换函数关系式有一定的局限性,并不能在南黄海陆架地区推广使用。


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