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  1. The chairman of the company , alongwith all staff is willing to create the brilliant future with all new and old customers
  2. In ihe formulae , the wichon talue nnion of ed inbo substibe for the cormpedjn pidbailty alongwith ww , we give app esthationtothe eaisting industrial struan
    多个方案的dea综合评价。本文首次将数据包络分析( dataenvelopmentanalysis简称dea )综合评价方法应用于农业产业结构问题的研究中。
  3. Alongwith the expense demand change , the product must adapt the market , conforms to the expense demand , this request basis expends the demanddifference , determines the corresponding difference marketingstrategy
  4. To train them properly in the yogic physical culture , the gordhandas seksaria college of yoga cultural synthesis was opened in 1950 . alongwith the spiritual and physical culturists a number of patients suffering from various psychosomatic diseases started coming to kaivalyadhama
    1924年, kuvalayananda大师创办了kaivalyadhama g . s .瑜伽研究学院,致力于瑜伽系统学习,教授及研究,其研究成果也一直处于瑜伽领域的先锋地位。
  5. Adopting high resolution nested grid project and proper physical parameter , a mei - yu heavy rain process during eight july 22 , 2002 and eight july 23 , 2002 and the meso - b - scale systems alongwith it , were simulated by use of psu / ncar meso - scale nonstatic numerical forecast model mm5 in this paper . the simulation result describes successfully the spatial and temporal distribution of this rain process and the developing course of the concomitant meso - ? - scale systems
    本文利用psu ncar的中尺度非静力数值预报模式mm5 ,采用高分辨率套网格方案和适当的物理过程,对2002年7月22日08时到23日08时的一次强梅雨暴雨过程和伴随的中-尺度系统进行了数值模拟,结果很好地描述了本次暴雨降水的时空分布及相伴随的中-尺度系统的发生发展过程。


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