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  • 鼠侠
  • alter:    vt. 1.变更;改变,改换;改建( ...
  • species:    n. 〔sing., pl.〕 1. ...
  • altered:    改变的


  1. Science and engineering have made it possible to construct the partially artificial surroundings we live in today , replete with huge bridges , trucks , airplanes , antibiotics and genetically altered species
  2. In summary , the exotic species can affect native bird species in four main ways , 1 ) predation of birds or eggs by the exotic mammals ; 2 ) competition for habitats and foods with exotic birds , and loss of genetic diversity by hybridization with the closely - related exotic species ; 3 ) direct and indirect alterations of native habitats and food resources , and predation by the exotic invertebrates ; and 4 ) loss and fragmentation of habitats for native birds through altering species composition and structure of native plant communities by exotic plants
    外来生物对鸟类的影响主要表现在以下几方面: ( 1 )外来哺乳动物对成鸟、幼鸟或鸟卵的捕食作用; ( 2 )外来鸟类与本地鸟类竞争栖息地和食物资源,与当地的近缘种杂交而造成基因流失; ( 3 )外来无脊椎动物改变本地鸟类的栖息环境和食物状况,甚至直接捕食本地鸟类; ( 4 )外来植物入侵改变入侵地的植物群落组成和结构,造成本地鸟类的栖息地丧失或破碎化,并通过改变入侵地生态系统的食物链结构而对高营养级的鸟类产生影响。


    Altered Species is a 2001 horror film, about a scientist who has found a way to regenerate damaged tissue in the body. He has tried his experiment on rats, but the effects are disastrous.


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