altered states中文什么意思

发音:   用"altered states"造句
  • alter:    vt. 1.变更;改变,改换;改建( ...
  • state:    n. 1.〔常作 S-〕国,国家;〔 ...
  • altered:    改变的
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  1. Furthermore , if static data are synchronized , calls between static methods that alter state can result in deadlocks or redundant synchronization , adversely affecting performance
  2. And all can be the entrance to the fourth which is pure intuition , the direct connection with the whole , sometimes as a spiritual experience or altered state of consciousness , sometimes as a simple knowing , without knowing how you know
  3. Two years later , she told her mother , “ i really want to act , ” and her wish was granted just one year there after , when the precocious 5 year old made her feature film debut with a small role in 1980 ' s altered states
    两年后,她告诉妈妈: "我真地想演戏" ,而她的愿望仅在一年后就实现了,这个早熟的5岁小姑娘在1980年的故事片《美国巨变》中生平头一回塑造了一个小角色。
  4. But we should notice that task of reform still be arduous , especially the key problem to set up property rights system which accords with market competition has not been solved at all . because large and medium - sized state - owned reformed enterprises have not changed property rights substantially , neither did they alter state - owned mechanism in essence . it not only influenced operating efficiency of state - owned enterprise but also influenced its property rights , such as , selling , merging , increasing capital have been restricted among enterprises , the development of enterprise have been impeded either
  5. Many take to drugs because they feel the urge to " fit in " and be a part of their peer group . some are misguided , and some do drugs simply out of curiosity . they want to experiment with their minds and experience altered states of consciousness , or numb the pain of their lives , which may be caused by friends , family , life changes , or other factors


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