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  • ambulance:    n. 1.野战医院。 2.救护车[船 ...
  • aid:    n. 1.帮助,援助。 2.帮助者, ...
  • ambulance aid:    救护设备;救护学
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  1. All ambulances and ambulance aid motorcycles have been equipped with automatic external defibrillators
  2. In order to enhance the quality of paramedic ambulance service , 15 ambulance aid motorcycles manned by ambulance personnel qualified at emergency medical assistant ( ema ) ii level were put into full operational use in 2000
    为了提升辅助医疗救护服务的质素, 15辆由具备二级急救医疗助理资格的救护人员驾驶的救护电单车已于二零零零年全面投入服务。
  3. All ambulances have been equipped with automatic external defibrillators and 10 additional ambulance aid motorcycles have been put into commission since march 1998 . the programme to commission the third mobile casualty treatment centre to strengthen the ability of the fire services department to handle multiple - casualty incidents will be completed in 19992000


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