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abbr. Americans in New Caledon ia (Army division) 新苏格兰的美国人(部队分部)
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  1. astm americal society for testing and materials
  2. americal newspapers and modern media
  3. in statistics, all the enterprises in americal and in japan from 1950's to 1970's have formulated the detailed strategy
  4. futhermore, the simulation software based on spatial opertator algebra, for example, the soft of darts based on spatial opertor algebra researched by rodriguez and others in nasa had been used to a serial of dynamical calculation of aircrafts, and it had become the special analysing software, and almost all the dynamics of americal space airctafts were analyzed by this software . it had neraly saving one handure million dolars and had atahed perfect benefit, so it became the gold medal holder of software of nasa in 1997 . but the usa keep the software a secreet to our country, and the software can not shoping wherever . the principle and the method distact form different documents and papers


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