american indian movement of colorado中文什么意思

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  • 科罗拉多美洲印第安人运动
  • american:    adj. 1.美洲的。 2.美国的。 ...
  • indian:    adj. 1.印度的;印度人的;印度 ...
  • movement:    n. 1.运动;活动;进退,行动,动 ...
  • colorado:    n. 1.科罗拉多〔美国州名〕。 2 ...


    The American Indian Movement of Colorado (Colorado AIM), also called AIM-International Confederation of Autonomous Chapters, split by 1993-1994 from the Minneapolis-based, national organization of the American Indian Movement, since then known as the AIM Grand Governing Council, which claims the right to the name. The organizations had tried to keep their dissension internal and presented the split as an ideological one.


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