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  • 放大系数


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  1. The calculation - improving of stress amplification coefficient and the checking of its trouble - shooting model
  2. Calculating results show the dynamic amplification coefficient is smaller when the stiffness of the bridge is larger and vices versa
  3. It is found that the current amplification coefficient strongly depends on the spin polarization of the electrons injected from the emitter to the base , the spin relaxation time and the width of the base
  4. Fatigue test indicates that strain multiplier have not been damaged for fatigue in the service life of fatigue life gage , fatigue response of fatigue life gage can be derived from the strain amplitude equal to specimen strain multiplied by amplification coefficient of strain multiplier
  5. According to the theory analysis and engineering practice , the application of natural vibration features in bridge inspection is introduced . during the transient dynamic analysis of pubugou cfst arch bridge , the time history responses of the structure under uniform velocity moving load and impact load are analyzed , and the amplification coefficients of deflection and internal forces of the structure are intensively analyzed


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