annealed condition中文什么意思

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  • 退火状态


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  1. Orthogonal test method of annealing conditions for relaxor ferroelectric ceramics
  2. Influence of annealing conditions on stress impedance effect of fecunbsib amorphous alloy strip
  3. The best annealing condition of the zno films grown by electron beam evaporation technique was achieved
  4. With sem , x - ray diffraction analysis , magnetic measurement by magnetic property measurement system , the effects of growth and annealing conditions are analyzed
    超导薄膜,采用磁测量m - t x射线衍射扫描电子显微镜技术分析了各种沉积及退火条件对mgb
  5. The difficulty can be overcomed that the n atom is not easy to be doped into zno . if we control the annealing condition , the residual nitrogen atoms will become acceptors in zno : n films
    通过这种方法可以克服n原子不容易惨杂进氧化锌的困难,并且可以通过控制退火过程来控制n原子< wp = 5 >的掺杂浓度。


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