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  1. Exploring the reform of anthropotomy teaching
  2. Study on the application of multimedia in teaching anthropotomy
  3. 3 . designed according to the human anthropotomy , the massager can be used at every part of the body
    3 .根据人体工程学原理,随意按摩身体任何部位。
  4. By studying the shape , structure , driving - model and the rules of movement of human hand from anthropotomy , a dexterous hand close to a human hand in structure and functions with 5 fingers and 19 dofs is designed
  5. There are not uniform anatomical terms about body ' s description in ancient time . readers will have a lot of difficulties in studying medicinal ancient books . to supply references for readers when they are studying ancient books , and to define the modern translations for indigestible terms in book of acupuncture , a book of acu - points , human anatomy by consulting acupuncture and moxibustion a & b , chinese medicine dictionary , traditional chinese medicine dictionary and anthropotomy
    选取《针灸学》 、 《腧穴学》 、 《正常人体解剖学》中没有明确记述的并且较难理解的古代解剖学名词,查阅《针灸甲乙经》 、 《针灸大成》 、 《中国医学大词典》 、 《中医大辞典》 、 《人体解剖学名词》后找出明确的解剖学意义,为读者在学习中医古籍时提供参考。


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