application for credit中文什么意思

发音:   用"application for credit"造句
  • 开证申请书
  • 请求贷款
  • application:    n. 1.适用,应用;运用。 2.申 ...
  • credit:    n. 1.信用,信任。 2.名誉,名 ...
  • credit application:    信贷申请表; 信用证申请书


  1. Application for credit insurance for goods export to oversea countries
  2. An unemployed man was sentenced to eight months imprisonment for conspiracy to defraud a bank by making fraudulent applications for credit cards
  3. The above - mentioned restriction should not apply to new applications for credit made by a borrower to the credit provider during the transition period
  4. Two unemployed men were respectively jailed for 15 months and nine months for conspiring to make fraudulent applications for credit cards from banks
  5. We advised , among other things , that they should not normally dispense with income proof in considering applications for credit cards . we also advised that banks should re - assess the effectiveness of their credit scoring models and other forms of credit analysis in predicting bankruptcies


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