arc quenching中文什么意思

发音:   用"arc quenching"造句
  • 熄焊弧
  • 熄弧
  • arc:    n. 1.弧;弓形,拱(洞)。 2. ...
  • quenching:    n. 【机械工程】淬火;【物理学】淬 ...
  • arc-quenching:    熄弧


  1. Study on inverse problem of electric field for high voltage sf6 arc quenching chamber
  2. With the software of ansys , the electric field of arc quenching chamber is calculated , and the insulating structure is also optimized
  3. The electric field of phase - phase , phase - earth of three - phase arc quenching chamber of the circuit breaker is calculated , insulation character is analyzed and the circuit breaker ' s whole insulating structure are ensured
  4. 2 miniaturized vacuum arc quenching chamber which is with cucr25 contact material , cup shape and longitudinal magnetic field contact structure , intensive interrupting ability is used . vacuum arc quenching chamber is laid in a sealed insulating cylinder , which significantly improve the ability of enduring environment and phase - phase insulation character
    2 、设计了采用cucr25触头材料、杯状纵磁场触头结构、开断能力很强的小型化真空灭弧室;真空灭弧室布置在封闭的绝缘筒内,提高了环境耐受能力,同时使相间绝缘性能显著提高。
  5. On the basis of analyzing in theory , the operation mechanism structure is optimized , which makes the better fit between output character and arc quenching chamber ' s counterforce during switching and closing , very appropriate structure design and very little distortion amount , so the character is kept better and the reliability is improved


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