as above mentioned中文什么意思

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  • 如上所述


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  1. As above mentioned , you can not learn english well overnight
  2. Chapter one introduces the fundamental definition and characteristics of securities investment funds in china . as above mentioned , funds market is booming and experiencing a fast growing period currently
  3. The finite element simulation with computational fluid dynamics ( cfd ) method was used to calculate the heat dissipation by airflow and the temperature distribution in passenger compartment of a car . the reasonability of three models as above mentioned was validated
  4. We define users to be those people who receive and employ information in their various research and teaching activities . generally speaking , they have little formal training in computerized management or information search . they are customarily known as common users , or end users as above mentioned
  5. As above mentioned , china ' s agribusiness must rapidly enlarge enterprise scale by the m & a of asset to form a batch of international competition - participating agribarons and groups with famous band and independent knowledge property right , and thus displacing the dispersive small - scale peasant economy , ending the period of chinese several thousand rural self - supply natural economy and petty commodity economy , and making it


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