as it comes to me中文什么意思

发音:   用"as it comes to me"造句
  • 如同它接近我
  • it:     it2 pron. (s ...
  • come:    vi. (came; come) 1 ...
  • me:    pron. 1.〔I 的宾格〕我〔把 ...


  1. I repeat , the book is yours , and i beg you once more to accept it . this way it won t come to you as it came to me , from an auctioneer , and it will be between us the pledge of a more durable acquaintance and closer bonds
    因此,我再跟您说一遍,先生,这本书现在归您了,并且我再一次请求您接受它,不要像我从拍卖估价人手里买到它那样从我手里买回去,我还希望这本书能有助于我们之间结成更深厚长久的友谊。 ”


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