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  • as树脂


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  1. Suitable for pad - dyeing & finishing tests in labortory , such as resin finishing , chemical auxillaries tests etc
  2. Suitable for finishing & dyeing tests in labortory , such as resin finishing , hand feel , color change etc
  3. It for consolidating molding sand , such as resin bonded sand , as well as tamping sand , such as clay sand or self hardening sand
  4. We handle materials that match specific application purposes , such as resin products that offer low cost and excellent corrosion resistance , aluminum products , etc
  5. This product is an excellent lightstability for plastics . it is suitbale for polyalkemer ( especially foodstuffs ) , polyvinyl choride , polyamide , abs resin , as resin and polyurethane etc
    本品是塑料制品优良的光稳定剂。适用于聚烯烃(特别是食品级制品) 、聚氯乙烯、聚酰胺、 abs树脂、 as树脂和聚氨酯树脂等。


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