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  1. In the first part of the article the author discuss the issue from the theoritical aspection so as to make the empirical analysis clearly , we can see the article consists of four main parts : ( i ) a summary of the theory involved ; ( ii ) the functioning of the countries macroeconomy and the application of the monetary policy ( iii ) an empirical analysis of the effectivenesss of the monetary policy ; ( iv ) an empirical analysis on the effective intensity of monetary policy effectiveness
  2. Chapter 5 analyze the effectiveness of chinese monetary policy by spectral approach part ( chapter 6 - 9 ) chapter 6 studies the factors consumption . in import and export which may influence the effectiveness of the monetary policy from the products market aspection . chapter 7 analyze the relation between the money demand and monetary policy and the interest marketation
    第四部分(第六、七、八、九章) :论文的第六章,从产品市场的角度,分析了消费、投资、进出口等因素对我国货币政策有效性强弱的影响;第七章,从货币市场的角度,分析了货币需求与货币政策有效性强弱的关系。


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