assisted country中文什么意思

发音:   用"assisted country"造句
  • 受援国
  • assist:    vt. 1.(在某方面)帮助,援助, ...
  • country:    n. 1.国家;国土;(全)国民,民 ...
  • assisted:    带助推器的; 辅助的


  1. U . s . officials have assisted countries with this task - shifting , which often requires changing local regulations
  2. Fao currently is reviewing how its own activities assist countries in this urgent and ambitious effort , and complement the work of un partners
  3. Who has initiated a global action programme to assist countries to create and implement coherent and comprehensive mental health policies , plans and legislation , and to ensure adequate mental health care is available at the community level
  4. Asia pacific group is an autonomous anti - money laundering body in the region with the primary objective of ensuring the adoption , implementation and enforcement of internationally accepted anti - money laundering and counter - terrorist financing standards , as set out in the fatf forty recommendations and fatf eight special recommendations . this includes assisting countries in the region in the enactment of laws to deal with the proceeds of crime , mutual legal assistance , confiscation , forfeiture and extradition
    亚太区反洗黑钱小组是区内一个独立自主的反洗黑钱组织,首要目标是确保各地采纳、实施和执行打击金融罪行专责队《 40项建议》和《 8项特别建议》中有关反洗黑钱和打击恐怖主义筹资的国际认同准则,包括协助区内国家或地区制订有关处理犯罪得益、司法互助、充公、没收及引渡安排的法律。


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