at arms length中文什么意思

发音:   用"at arms length"造句
  • 商业的/公平的


  1. In the context of global sourcing , direct involvement with the supplier may well be preferable to dealing at arms length through an agent
  2. Gdt has been monitoring the e - currencies at arms length for several years and also learning the hard way with loses in virtually all of the closed payment services including losses in the current running e - currencies due to their lack of internal security ( which , is currently under investigation )
    Gdt在其能够操控的范围内监控网银流通已经有了几个年头,并且不断的学习如何驾驭一个虚拟的封闭支付服务包括常规的流通网银及其在互联网上的安全性(普遍的进行了调研) 。


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