at the altitude of中文什么意思

发音:   用"at the altitude of"造句
  • 在...的高度上


  1. Experimental study on the 24 - hour metabolism of brick - tea fluoride in rats at the altitude of 3 290 meters above sea level
  2. Picture 13 : dharma meeting is very important for a buddhist follower . this old and frail lama was trudging towards the venue at the altitude of over 4000m
    图13 :护法大会对一个信徒来说非常重要,这个年老体弱的喇嘛,步履艰难的来到海拔4000多米的会场。
  3. We want to researh on why this issue worth investigation and what we can get from this valuable exploration this article attempts to take the traditional legal methods as the tool to deeply analyse the difficult position of the relief of pure economic loss , and stands at the altitude of formulating the new civil code of china to find the meaning of study and model on this comparison topic


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