at the fore中文什么意思

发音:   用"at the fore"造句
  • 在前面
  • fore:    int. (打高尔夫球时的叫声)前面 ...
  • fore:    adj. 1.前面的 (opp. h ...
  • fore-:     前缀 1.表示“先”,“ ...


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  1. At the fore end a computer controls the scrambling circuit through serial communication
  2. This instrument can automatically turn sphere , cylinder and axis to zero at the fore - and - aft point of operation
  3. The thesis presents a quantitative analysis of the maximum velocity with tugboat assistance at the fore part of vessel
  4. The haven of hope christian service , at the fore - front , will continue its provision of quality health care , elderly and rehabiture services to the community
  5. This is what puts ascendants at the fore of self - mastery . . . the weaving in and out of consciousness and the eventual ability to master emotion and keep the body in balance
    这就是使提升处于自我控制中. . .织进和脱离意识和最终的能力来控制情感和使身体处于平衡中。


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