at the pace of中文什么意思

发音:   用"at the pace of"造句
  • 以...速度
  • pace:     〔拉丁语〕对不起〔陈述反对意见前的 ...
  • pace:    n. 1.步;一步;步子;步幅〔2. ...
  • a change of pace:    变手法, 换口味; 改变习惯; 节奏 ...


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  1. Enforcement action will be taken at the pace of rehousing
  2. Enforcement action will be taken at the pace of rehousing . no one would be made homeless
  3. The pace of beijing ' s modernization is moving so fast that i seem not to catch up with it . everything before you is going at the pace of china
  4. The us is growing impatient at the pace of progress in economic talks with china , hank paulson , treasury secretary , warned on tuesday as a second round of high - level bilateral meetings began in washington
    美国财政部长汉克and保尔森hank paulson周二警告称,对于与中国之间经济对话的进展步伐,美国正日益失去耐心。
  5. The chief executive rejected claims in an agency report that members of the us house committee on international relations had expressed disappointment at the pace of political reform during his meeting with them in washington yesterday october 26 , washington time


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