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  1. Meso - scale atmospheric diffusion patterns and time scales over beijing area
  2. Abstract : in this paper , we make a study on sampling interval revision of atmospheric diffusion parameter in concentration prediction of atmospheric environmental impact assessment
  3. Spatial distribution and time scales of atmospheric diffusion over beijing area are revealed by means of a random walk simulation model and practical meteorological data with a specified emission source from the city . results show a southward transport pattern for wintertime while a northwest transport of pollutants in summer . the area is the least evidently influenced by the emission source in spring , while the largest in autumn . the time spent for instantly emitted material removing from the model domain varies from winter - spring to summer - autumn . the former was shorter one of less than 20 hours ; the latter was longer one of approximately 30 hours . distribution of occurrence probability for different removal times was not symmetry . reducing slowly at the end of longer removal time , probability exists for pollutants remaining in this area a long time
    结果表明,冬季示踪物偏南夏季偏西北的输送明显春季扩散影响范围最小秋季最大。示踪物从200km200km模式区域输出的平均时间去除时间明显分为冬春季和夏秋季两组,前者较小,平均在20h以下,后者较大,平均约30h 。不同去除时间出现的频率分布是非对称的,在长去除时间一侧,出现频率下降缓慢,显示污染物有在该区域内长时间滞留的可能。
  4. The authors analyzes the function change of urban in its evolvement and the eco - environmental problems caused by this change . based on this analysis and the method of systems ecology founded by odum h t , the authors discuss the aim and the principle of urban eco - environment planning under the sustainable development ; put forward the general view of urban eco - environment planning in which the kernel is the adjusting of industry structure , land - use structure and spatial pattern ; construct the dynamic simulating model of eco - environment planning of guangzhou city , china which organizes the models of economy , population , the equilibrium of carbon and oxygen , and other models of atmospheric diffusion , rainwater sedimentation , vegetation absorbing to so


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